The 2023 estate practice report for lawyers

Gain exclusive insights into the practice and business of estate planning

What is the eState Planner estate practice report?

As estate practitioners, we all want to know how to improve our practice and one of the best ways is to see how our colleagues are doing things.

So each year, we survey hundreds of estate lawyers about their process, practice methods and fees. And for the first time, we are proud to share this year's results to help us all gain exclusive insight into the practice and business of estate planning law.

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What you will find in this guide

Successful client intake in 2023

Detailed client investigation is the first step to successful estate planning. It is also one of the most frustrating aspects of the process when not done correctly.

To facilitate this process, almost three-quarters of law firms send out requests for information prior to their first meeting with clients.

This report outlines the steps that estate lawyers follow to conduct a thorough and efficient client investigation.

estate planning client intake
virtual will planning meeting

Will planning meetings

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about notable shifts in consumer and professional behaviour. In 2023, the majority of lawyers continue to conduct their initial meetings virtually.

It's important to highlight that this trend does not impact the same way lawyers practicing in larger cities and those in smaller towns.

The report also details how lawyers use written retainers and how they structure their meetings.

Efficiency is crucial to optimize your practice in 2023

Adopting the right technology, such as eState Planner, is a key component for any practitioner looking to make their practice more efficient.

Nowadays, most lawyers use software to draft their clients' wills more efficiently.

The fourth section of our guide provides a more in-depth look at how firms and sole practitioners can leverage their resources to optimize their practice.

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will drafting fee

Optimizing your fee structure

While the average fee for a standard package of couple's wills and powers of attorney increased by 12% in 2023, only a third of estate lawyers are satisfied with the amount they charge.

Geographical location is another aspect covered in this guide, as it significantly influences the service fees charged.

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