Even the most complex estate plans can be done with ease

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Create estate plans in one click

Create a bequest by dragging and dropping assets with a user-friendly interface, which can handle even the most complex situations.

Alternatively, generate estate plans for common scenarios with just one click, and review each section for any necessary modifications.

Reduce common malpractice errors

Receive real-time legal alerts that automatically trigger based on the client's personal and financial information, allowing you to detect errors in the plan and assist clients in minimizing tax implications.

My clients appreciate the visual and narrative summaries and document guides.

Frederick Glady, Barrister & Solicitor - Glady Law

Estate plans that are simple to create and even simpler to explain to clients

Simple, intuitive interface

With eState Planner, drag and drop assets for a simple user experience. And yet, the program is powerful enough to handle even the most complex scenarios.

Easy to interpret summaries

Show your clients a visual representation of their estate plan, as you create it together, for an improved client experience.

Simplified planning scenarios

With the 3-2-3 model, we simplified the will planning process into three scenarios: surviving spouse, descendants only, and no descendants. This way, each client can understand the impact of decisions made under each scenario.

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