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What is eState Planner's referral program?

Our mission is to help as many estate professionals as possible with their estate planning practice. We appreciate our valued customers, and we know some of you have been referring colleagues and friends to try our program.

This referral program is our way of thanking you for spreading the word. It's a token of our appreciation.

How do I get rewarded?

You'll receive a $300 gift card if your referral selects a 'Growing' or 'Professional' plan, or a $150 gift card if they sign up for a 'Flexible' or 'Financial Planner' plan.

Referrals will receive a $100 gift card for signing up on a Growing or Professional plan, or a $50 gift card for a 'Flexible' or 'Financial Planner' plan.

To qualify for this offer, referrals must come from another firm, sign up within 60 days, complete their free trial, and successfully pay for their first three months' subscription.

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How it works


Spread the word by filling out the form above. You can add as many referrals as you'd like.

Our team will reach out to your referral(s) and help them set up their account.

Get up to $300 and your referrals up to $100 when they become customers.

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