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[NEW] Short Wills

Ideal for those straightforward scenarios, the short provisions will contains all the great parts of the Hull and Hull LLP will in a 6-page, condensed format. They are easier to understand and use simplified provisions.

Custom Precedents

For lawyers and firms who prefer to use their clauses, generate your own Will precedent using eState Planner.

Document Generation

Automatically generate all required financial and will planning documents. Each document is dynamically generated based on the information provided for each individual client.

ePlans - One-click Estate Plans

Create estate plans for typical situations with the click of a button. All beneficiary designations, bequests, residue gifts and estate trustee appointments are automatically created. Once you run an ePlan, you can go into each section to review and make any changes you like.

Hull and Hull LLP Precedents

Access to Hull and Hull LLP precedents and Will.

Weekly Webinars

Access to exclusive weekly webinars with founder and CEO, Jordan Atin

Multiple Wills

Allows you to separate those assets requiring probate from those that do not, to avoid paying probate fees on assets that do not otherwise require it.

Asset Calculation

Each type of asset has its own type-specific forms to ensure all relevant information is captured. Probate tax is automatically calculated on all applicable assets based on location and current tax rates. Support for all types of asset ownership including sole, partial, joint and trust.

Scenario Planning

We have simplified the will planning process into three distinct scenarios: Surviving spouse, Descendants only, and No descendants. This separation ensures that each client is able to carefully consider the impact of decisions made under different family scenarios at the time of death.

Macro Templates

Create your commonly used macros that define common balance of estate distribution scenarios that will speed up the distribution process and reduce errors.

Instant Planning Summary

The scenario summary provides a holistic view of the financial impact of each decision that is made during the will planning process in real-time.

Clone Gifts

Reduce time and errors when creating gifts by cloning similar gifts within the same scenario or copying them from one scenario to another.

Easy to Clone Segments

Reduce time and errors when dealing with the balance of estate by cloning segments within the same scenario or copying them from one scenario to another.

Property Expenses

Define whether the beneficiary or the estate should be the source of payment for future property expenses. We support all scenarios including single payee of all expenses or a different percentage for each expense. Configure the estate payment source to use available funds in residue or the use of a sperate fund.

Client Notes

Attach free-form notes to any client for reminders or discussion with other collaborating advisors.

Visual Reports and Summaries

A set of useful report documents including graphic and text-only representations of a clients’ personal and financial profile are available out-of-the-box. Each document is dynamically built up based on the latest information provided for the client.


Define guardians, estate trustees, personal and financial powers of attorney appointments for each client. Support for complex multi-tiered conditions and provisions.

Debt Calculations

Each type of debt has its own type-specific forms that ensure all relevant information is captured correctly.

Collaborate With Teammates

Multiple people can collaborate on a single client by adding one or more secondary contributors. Contributors can collaborate on all aspects of the shared client including their profile, will planning, notes, advisory, and notifications.

Complex Family Trees

Model complex family hierarchies with the use of a simple yet powerful tree visualization. Provide all relevant profile and relationship information including marriage agreements and special circumstances.

Expert Advisory Insights

Users are provided with actionable advisory insights for each client based on their specific personal and financial profile.

Client Questionnaire

Provide your clients with a simple and secure online questionnaire allowing them to fill out their own personal and financial profile information. Each client is sent a secure link by email where they can create their own password.

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