eState Planner now Generates Reporting Letters and Escrow Instructions

We are pleased to Announce that eState Planner now Generates Reporting Letters and Escrow Instructions

Delivering a reporting letter on every Will file is an easy way to cover off a number of issues that could give rise to liability for you if there is no evidence that they were raised with your clients.   That’s why one of the first questions that LawPro asks if you ever report a potential claim is “was there a reporting letter?”.

You can now generate a comprehensive reporting letter that is automatically customized to the client’s (and their spouse’s) particular circumstances.    The report letter covers issues like:

  1. Location of originals and safekeeping;
  2. Changes in circumstances that should trigger a review of the Will;
  3. Limitations on your retainer so that you are not responsible for advising on changes in the law, independently verifying client’s assets, income tax planning and foreign issues;
  4. Guardians of minors, beneficiary designations and powers of attorney.

If your firm holds the original Will or PoAs, you can automatically generate “Escrow Instructions” that confirm when those can be released by your firm and to whom.  Without Escrow Instructions there is a question of when, and on what evidence, you are allowed to release the Power of Attorney.

Start off by setting up your default settings by going to your “Documents” Section and selecting “Reporting Letter”.    Each time you create a reporting letter for a client you can adjust the inputs that apply to that particular client.  

Here is a copy of the Sample Reporting Letter

Here is a copy of the Sample Escrow Instructions


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