Lawyers Can Now Use Their Own Precedents in eState Planner

Here’s some exciting news! eState Planner can now be customized to use lawyers' personal precedent clauses for their Wills and Power of Attorney documents.

The Hull and Hull LLP precedents have been trusted for decades and remain available in eState Planner, but we know that some lawyers are more comfortable and familiar with the precedent that they've developed. 

This update is in line with the vision we had when we started eState Planner. Our software saves lawyers time when creating estate plans, by streamlining the information collection process, improving the client experience, and reducing errors and liability. This can now be done whether they use the Hull and Hull LLP’s precedents, or their own.

With this new capability, lawyers can now generate their own documents while producing error-free, high-quality, estate plans with the click of a button.

What Documents Can Be Customized?

eState Planner now allows for the customization of the following documents:

  • Single Will
  • Multiple Wills
  • Powers of Attorney - Personal and Financial
  • Insurance Declarations
  • Retainer
  • Reporting Letter

How does the process work, and How Long Will it Take?

The process of customization is done by the eState Planner team. Our in-house lawyers and development team work with firms to implement their precedents.

How do Changes and Updates get made?

We understand that precedents evolve over time and changes may need to be made. Minor amendments are built into the monthly cost to allow for the flexibility of updating the precedent when needed. 

eState Planner allows for as many custom Precedents as a firm would like. For example, if different lawyers at the firm want their own precedents, eState Planner now supports it!

How Do I Get Started? 

If you would like to learn more about our Custom Precedents feature or would like to have your own precedent in your portal, you can book a quick 5-minute call with our team here.


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