New Feature: Global Document Preferences

A year ago, we launched Hull e-State Planner to lawyers and estate planning advisors. We had originally created it as a tool for our own firm, but we thought that it might be useful for other lawyers and advisors trying to best serve their clients.  Over the past year, the World (and the practice of estate law) has radically changed.  

To celebrate the Hull e-State Planner journey and our first anniversary, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a number of much anticipated new features to help make your life easier.

Will Document Preferences

First, we're introducing a new global document settings section where you can set your default Document Preferences for Wills. This can be found in the Documents tab when you click on the "..." on the right side of the Will. In this section, you can make decisions on whether to include/exclude:

  • Registered Asset Designations
  • Counterpart Execution Provisions
  • Joint/Designated Asset Confirmations
  • Certain Provisions to create a shorter Will
  • Will Guide

Note: The preferences specified in this section will act as your default settings. When generating a Will for a client, you will always have the opportunity to stick with these default settings or change the settings for that particular client.

Affidavit of Execution and Witness Selection

Set your default witnesses and have them automatically populate in the Will. Select your witnesses from the drop-down list of Users associated with your account. The witness's full name, address and occupation will populate directly into the Will and Affidavit of Execution. Hull e-State Planner will create Affidavits of Execution for one or both witnesses depending on what you choose.

When generating a Will for a client, you can even set the Signing Date so it appears in the Will and the Affidavits of Execution.

Document Customization

We’ve also introduced new features to allow you to customize the look of your Will from directly within the application. You can configure your document preferences for:

  • Font
  • Text size
  • Page Size
  • Page Margins
  • Paragraph Alignment

Name Display Options

Choose how you want each name in the document to be displayed. Select either Capitalized and/or Bolded.

Increased Document Generation Speed

We’ve also made some changes under the hood to our infrastructure, and although hidden, will improve the overall functionality of e-State Planner. These changes will allow us to add more features quickly, and will dramatically reduce the time it takes to generate documents. You’ll notice a shorter download time when generating a Will.

Note: Currently these changes are only applicable the Single Will and Life Insurance Declaration. Modifications to other documents will be coming soon.

We’re hosting a special Webinar next Thursday to reveal these features in more depth. You can sign up for the webinar here.

You can find these preferences by navigating to the Document tab. Here is a help desk article to explain the features in more detail.

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