New Features: Beneficiary Picker, CRA Charities and More

We're kicking off 2022 with our biggest eState Planner update ever! More than 10 new customer requested features.

Our goal has always been to remove manual data entry and streamline the estate planning process in a visual way. These new features help us deliver on that mission:

Parts and Percentages 

  • Choose between residue parts or percentages for clean round numbers. Parts make it easier to divide the residue into equal round portions. This is particularly useful when you have an odd number of beneficiaries. For example, if you have 3 equal beneficiaries, you can choose to make each Segment 1 equal Parts of 3 rather than 33.3%.

Charity Picker

  • CRA approved charities are now directly in eState Planner. Select a Charity beneficiary from our CRA’s registered list. You no longer have to search CRA’s website for the correct name and registration number of a charity. Once selected, your draft Will will contain the correct name and registration number for the charity beneficiary.

New Beneficiary Type

  • We have added the ability to create new classes of beneficiaries.  If your client wants to divide a gift among friends, ex. John Smith’s children, you can now easily do so by creating a new class “The Children of John Smith”.

Undo and Change Relationships Types

  • You now have the ability to undo your previous actions. Quickly undo any mistakes and miss-clicks. You can also change relationships between people. Amend any relationship between your client and their family.

Sync PoA Appointments

  • Often clients want the same attorneys for both property and personal care.  Now you can save time by inserting the PoA Appointments once and sync it to the other POA.

Edit Notes

  • You can now edit Notes and add or change them whenever you want.  For security purposes, we only allow the original author of the note to have the ability to change it.

And More:
  • Asset list displays owners
  • Client dashboard supports “File No”
  • Add linked spouse directly from a client
  • People list includes all family and non-family members with additional information
  • List of appointments can be viewed by person
  • Sync appointments between financial power of attorney and personal care power of attorney
  • Advisor insights can be sorted and filtered


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