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Today, we are very excited to announce eState Academy, our free online estate planning education site for lawyers. There are few courses out there that focus on the day-to-day practice of estate planning, and we wanted to change that. 

The Academy is broken down into a series of short video lessons, presentations and quizzes. Today we are releasing the first course “Fundamentals of Estate Planning”, which takes about an hour to complete. This course is designed to give you a solid foundation of estate planning, demonstrating how the use of a structured process can transform your practice and greatly enhance the overall client experience. 

Throughout the course we cover basic planning frameworks, but also delve into practical advice like how to talk to your clients about picking an executor, trust planning and guardianship appointments.  

Whether you are an experienced lawyer or new to the world of estate planning, e-State Academy’s courses can give you a trusted perspective on issues frequently encountered in the practice.

New courses will be added throughout the year so that you can follow recent developments in the law, refresh your understanding of sophisticated estates topics and consider new ways of dealing with complicated issues.

You can sign up for the academy here:


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