Introducing ePlans

Today, we are excited to announce ePlans, our one-click Will plans for typical situations. With the click of a button, all beneficiary designations, bequests, residue gifts and estate trustee appointments are automatically created. Once you run an ePlan, you can go into each section to review and make any changes you want. The outline is there for you to sculpt as necessary.

We have three ePlans available now:

  1. Couple with Adult Children (Learn More)
  2. Couple with Younger Children with Single Distribution Trusts (Learn More)
  3. Couple with Younger Children with Staged Distribution Trusts (Learn More)

Read our help desk article here for more information about ePlans

To use an ePlan, click the Lightning Bolt in the top right corner on any client.

We hope ePlans reduce the repetitive work of a typical estate plan, increasing your efficiencies while creating a better overall client experience.

All ePlans work for a single and spouse client files.


Start using the
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