Pricing Plans Update

As soon as the pandemic hit, Jordy and I made the decision to make Hull e-State Planner free for all users.  For our current users, we hoped that it would ease some of the financial burden.  For our new users, we wanted to provide an opportunity to try out software that would allow them to prepare wills remotely, in a safe and efficient way.

In the past five and half months, we hope that you, and the rest of our 500+ Users, have had the opportunity to learn how e-State Planner can revolutionize your practice.  We appreciate all of the testimonials and kind words.

As we will be starting to charge as of September 8th, we have also tried to create pricing plans that encourage consistency in your practice - offering unlimited clients for a flat rate.  That way you can utilize e-State Planner’s power, efficiency and safety for all of your will files.  On the other hand, if you only do a will or two a month, you can continue with our current pay per use plan, as well.  But we're excited to bring you the following new product plans this September. You can find the plan that best suits you below.

Flexible - $19 / Month + Usage

Designed for low monthly volume of clients. Only pay for what you use. Our Flexible Plan is exactly the same as pre-Covid:

  • $19/month for the first user and $10/month for each additional user.  
  • $75 for a single client and $110 for a couple.
  • Add and prepare a full plan for a client with no charge. You are only charged the one-time client fee when you generate a document (like a graphic summary or Will).  Once you pay for a client, you are free to create unlimited number of documents for that client, at any time.

For current users, this plan is automatically selected for your account if you do not chose a plan before September 8th.  

Growing - $349 / Month*

Unlimited clients designed for the sole practitioner and small practices. This plan is best for you if you if you expect 3 or more clients a month.

  • Up to 3 users**. Users include assistants, clerks or lawyers.
  • Generate unlimited documents for as many clients as you want at a flat rate.

**additional users can be added at $99/user/month

Professional - $749/ Month*

Unlimited clients designed for larger practices. This plan is best for you if your firm has more than 5 lawyers.

  • Up to 15 users**. Users include assistants, clerks or lawyers.
  • Generate unlimited documents for as many clients as you want at a flat rate.
  • Premium features included.

*additional users can be added at $99/user/month


Core Product and Premium Features

All current e-State Planner features and functionality are included in the core product. We will not be removing any functionality.  In the near future, we will be adding additional powerful Premium features such as firm branded documents and amendable templates. Stay tuned for more on these Premium features.

Premium features can be added to Growing and Flexible plans for $99/month, but are included in the Growing plan, if selected before September 8th.

How to Select a Plan

If you are a user, by default your account will automatically be placed on the Flexible plan if no plan is chosen by September 8th.

We are more than happy to walk you through the options and help you select the best plan for your firm. You can book a quick 5 minute meeting with us here.

If you prefer, feel free to email us with any pricing questions by replying to

Thanks again for your support,


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