eState Planner joins the Law Society of Ontario’s Access to Innovation program

Today we’re excited to announce that eState Planner has been approved as an authorized participant of the Law Society of Ontario’s Access to Innovation (A2I) program.

eState Planner is the first approved software dedicated to professionals who have met the A2I program’s standards for quality and user protection. We’re proud to assist A2I in its mission to foster technological innovation in the delivery of legal services.

What is the Law Society of Ontario’s Access to Innovation program?

The A2I program, launched in November 2021, aims to expand the delivery of quality legal services through technology. A2I participants, like eState Planner, have been selected based on their demonstration of meeting the program's standards for quality and consumer protection, including user privacy and security. By joining this program, eState Planner has been evaluated by the LSO to ensure that our operations prioritize the protection of our users.

A commitment to making estate planning better and safer.

At eState Planner, we’ve always been dedicated to making estate planning safer and more efficient by empowering estate professionals with technology. Whether it's through in-app legal alerts that help lawyers and professionals minimize estate planning errors or our CPD-accredited webinars that share best practices with hundreds of lawyers every week, our mission is to equip professionals with tools and resources to enhance estate planning.

”The LSO’s A2I program recognizes the importance that technology plays in the delivery of legal services. For eState Planner to be approved as its first software aimed at lawyers and other professionals is a great honour”, shared Ian Hull, LSM, CS co-founder of eState Planner.

“Ian and I and the rest of the eState team look forward to continuing to make eState Planner the leader in estate planning software for our colleagues.”  eState Planner’s CEO, Jordan Atin added.

We are excited to participate in the Law Society of Ontario's A2I program. This participation showcases our commitment to making estate planning client-centred, safer, and more effective for our users.


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